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Healthy Skin Bundles contain some of our favourite canine products for those new to the Augustine Approved brand (click below to read about each product).


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How do the products work?

This video explains candida as the primary cause of skin problems and details the Augustine Approved Healthy Skin Protocol.



More tips for healthy skin...

Please remember that for an improvement in skin problems, a good clean diet of unprocessed foods (including the removal of refined sugars) is highly recommended.

Treating candida is something I fell into out of desperation to treat my dogs, which then expanded into helping our canine customers, which in turn expanded into helping people with severe candida overgrowth as well with great results.

It's important to ask that you research what Candida Albicans is. A yeast infection (more appropriately named a fungal infection) is a symptom of candida overgrowth. I won't say much more on that but I encourage you to ask your best friend Google.

A sample report of the hair analysis discussed in the video is located in the images of this product. For more information on Hair Analysis please CLICK HERE.

I believe candida to be a leading cause of cancer, and it can even mimic cancer. Recently we saw a dog that had $12,000 of chemo etc. and was about to be put down because the vet said nothing was working. My colleague in NSW intervened after getting the hair analysis results back and the dog is still alive today. The dog never had cancer - it was candida. The dog is doing ok but now they are working to restore the dog's immune system after the vet destroyed it.

We had another customer with a dog that was vomiting every day for over a year. The specialist even stitched the dog's stomach to its side to avoid bloat, even though he really didn't know what the problem was. About a week into our treatment the dog was 100% fine - it was just candida overgrowth affecting digestion.

For more information please refer to the video for a detailed explanation of each product or view each individual product page by clicking the links above.

There is information on how to put Faith's Cleanse & Detox into capsules for human use on the Faith's Cleanse & Detox store page.

* Optional for people with candida overgrowth: D-Mannose. You can read about it or purchase here (we do not stock it):


D-Mannose is also available for purchase at Coburg Health in Melbourne, Australia (Tel 03 9354 8007).


So what DOESN'T Augustine approve?

Additives, chemicals, colourings, dairy, fillers, flavourings, grains, gluten, GMOs, irradiation, meat or animal by-products, MSG, preservatives, synthetics, salts & sweeteners.


Just like all our products, the products that make up the ASF Starter Kit 220 carry the following symbols:


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Customer Reviews 5 (21 Reviews) Write a Review

Helped us so much!
5 Stars

Our 1 yr old baby boy (toy poodle) had been undergoing constant skin and tummy issues due to what we were told were allergies since we brought him home. Endless vet bills and medications did not work and they only appeared to make things worse. He started showing significant improvement in 1 month of using the Healthy Skin Bundle every day. No more yellow vomit, gassy tummy, and itching / scratching / paw licking. He's a happy and healthy boy now thanks to these products. Chewie approved!

Remarkable results in just two weeks!
5 Stars

Hello, I am delighted to share with you my feedback after receiving advice and purchasing your products from Bravoandpup in Thailand. In June 2021 my dog Barbie started to get small bumps all over her body. I tried medicated shampoo and topical cream but they did not work. The bumps began to get worse and I felt helpless. Bravoandpup advised me to switch Barbie to a fresh food diet and in addition to feed Augustine Approved products (Augustine SuperBoost and Faith's Cleanse & Detox). Barbie was also washed in Augustine's SuperBath. I following this routine strictly since 3rd August 2021 and I am so happy to report remarkable results in just two weeks! Thank you so much.

So happy
5 Stars

I am so happy I came across Augustine Approved! My ten-year-old toy poodle has been taking all of the products in the ‘Healthy Skin Bundle’ for two months now. I noticed a huge improvement in her energy levels within a few days! I didn’t expect to see the shift so early. She became livelier and more energetic, and has been acting more playful. I was initially concerned she wouldn’t like the taste as she is usually a very fussy eater, however she has been enjoying the products mixed in with her food. I am so relieved as I thought I would struggle with getting her to eat it. The instructions on the label are easy to follow, and I followed the fussy eaters guide on the ‘Cleanse & Detox’. She had skin issues and balls of puss (which the vet couldn’t help with). The balls have decreased in size. Her fur has also changed colour too, with some of her old ginger colouring coming back. My family and friends have also noticed a difference in her appearance and energy, and I have received lots of compliments saying she looks so beautiful and energetic. I have also received comments saying her eyes are sparkling! I wish I had known about these products years ago! So worth the money! Really happy. Customer service is also fantastic. I will continue supporting Augustine Approved. Thank you.

Very healthy skin!
5 Stars

I am very happy with all the products. My rescue dogs love the supplements mixed in their food and SuperHeal has started to reduce in size a couple of small lumps on one of my furbabies. Thankyou for great products - Augustine Approved is now a staple in our household.

5 Stars

Our golden retriever had many skin problems & hot spots over the 13 yrs we had him. We spent loads of money at our vets but things only seemed to get worse. I started Tully on Augustine's SuperBoost and Faith's Cleanse & Detox and within two weeks his fur was soft and shiny. Tully's skin problems were reduced to zero and he absolutely loved these supplements mixed into his food using the Augustine Approved Raw Coconut Oil. We now have a rescue doberman with skin issues so she is also having the Healthy Skin Bundle products in her food & besides huge improvements in her fur & skin, her energy is unlimited! I cannot speak highly enough of ALL Augustine Approved products!

Cannot believe the difference...
5 Stars

Our 12 year old Lab started these goodies almost 4 weeks ago and I cannot believe the difference! Her overall energy levels have improved (she is reliving her youth) and her skin and coat is just so soft, smooth and shiny. She no longer looks like she has 'old dog' fur and people keep commenting on it (which she can't get enough of). I cannot recommend these products enough. Thank you Augustine Approved, what a gift you are to the universe!

Truly grateful from the bottom of my heart
5 Stars

Hi Phivo, I hope you and your beautiful girls are going well. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have done to create all the Augustine Approved products that help create and maintain a wholistic state of wellbeing for our beloved four legged members of our families. My girl is my life and since using your products I have noticed a visable difference in her overall health. I cook your Augustine's SuperFood (vegan) recipe which includes Augustine's SuperBoost (vegan). My dog was so sick for three years, having severe meat allergies also including eggs, fish, coconut oil and nut allergies. I give her probiotics every day, along with Faith and Dynacol Zeolite. I am truly grateful from the bottom of my heart for you helping me give my girl the best gift of all and that is the gift of health! She is thriving and flourishing and I know in part it is because of you. Mere words could never express the amount of gratitude I have for what you have helped me to achieve with Holly. So...thankyou Phivo... You are my hero!

Best products ever!!!
5 Stars

My 12 year old bulldog has been using Augustine Approved products for the past 5 years. They have completely eliminated his itchy skin, yeast problems and digestive issues. I highly recommend all of their skin and vitamin products.

Great progress so far - and he eats it!
5 Stars

My little 9 year old Westie has had terrible skin issues the past year and we have spent a packet at the vets, only to have antibiotics issued and reissued with no one to help me get to the cause of his problems. I took matters into my own hands and purchased the Healthy Skin Bundle a few weeks ago. I feel like we are definitely on the right track as he can now walk again after having such red, swollen paws and he is much brighter. His skin still has a ways to go, but I am really happy with the progress. He loves having his derby baths and coconut oil massages too. Best of all, he eats the products! I was skeptical of him turning his nose up at raw blended vegetables mixed with herbs and seeds, but he devours it! I have just reordered a big bag of Augustine's SuperBoost as I feel this is key to his turn around. You have long term supporters here! Customer service is great, I received my products the next day! Can't wait to see where our little Westie is at in a few more weeks and beyond with his new diet.

She is a changed dog
5 Stars

I originally purchased these products for my dog Lexi who is always itchy, scratching, and her she had terrible digestive issues. I’m so happy I purchased these products - she is a changed dog in just under three weeks. We are also dog sitting and it's a bonus that they both lick the bowl clean every time and t all seem to have more energy. I strongly recommend your products to everyone especially if their dogs are itchy or not happy! Keep up the great work Phivo, so we can all continue to purchase quality supplements for our pets!