Our Story: It all started with a boxer puppy named Augustine…

If you have the time to read this, I’d like to tell you a little bit about my journey to bring you Augustine Approved® products.

And if you don’t mind, I’d like to tell you a bit about the original inspiration behind the brand ‐ my puppy, Augustine the Boxer. Those who know me make jokes about how much I adore Augustine and like all you animal lovers out there I want my best friend to have a long and happy life.

When Augustine arrived, the excitement kicked in and I splurged on what I was advised was high quality food. To my dismay, no matter what commercial dog food Augustine ate, she was plagued with stomach problems and didn’t have the vibrancy expected of a young boxer. Of course, I took her to the vet and followed the recommended commercial diets but three months on she still suffered.

I began to take a great interest in researching the ingredients allowed in dog foods. I couldn’t help but wonder; “How good are these foods for dogs if they are not SAFE for US to eat?” I was astounded that I could not find a single fresh 100% organic food on the market that was completely balanced and supercharged with more than just the basic nutrients dogs need. I wanted more because I believe a dog’s devotion deserves the best in return.

I was becoming desperate for a solution and felt like I was left with no choice but to solve the riddle of Augustine’s health myself. But what did I know about making dog food? I couldn’t even cook for myself!

Being an outsider to the pet industry was a positive. You see the problem is if you approach any expert in the field of dog nutrition and ask them to create the world’s greatest dog food you can bet your bottom dollar that they will automatically place restrictions on their creativity before they even begin. They will be concerned about adhering to a budget, storage and transportation. To work within the restrictions that they have created in their own minds, they will most likely come up with a dry (kibble) food, or canned food. I do not believe it is good for dogs to eat biscuits or canned food, especially not for their entire lives. I wouldn’t eat such a diet, would you?

It soon became my personal ambition to create the world’s greatest dog food - without compromise, so that Augustine and all the wonderful canines out there can enjoy a healthy, happy life and be our companions for years to come. Finally, after extensive trials, Augustine approved the food.

Augustine was born on May 25th 2010, and today she is healthier, faster, and stronger than ever – she can not only keep up with 1-2 year old dogs in the park, but she can also wear them down.

In December of 2013 we welcomed little Faith (another boxer) into our home, and I knew from the moment I saw her that we would become foster failures. Faith was badly abused at her previous home and Augustine wasted no time helping her learn how to be a dog again. In an interesting twist of events, it turns out that Augustine and Faith are related – Faith’s Grandmother was Augustine’s mother!

I’d also like to pay tribute to our dearest little Mishka the Maltese who passed away on 3rd June 2018 just a few weeks shy of her 17th Birthday, after spiralling downhill as a result of a freak accident. Mishka’s Dog vs Lump videos have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times and she has been an inspiration to many worldwide.

We hope that our story will inspire and motivate you to make dietary and lifestyle changes, whose benefits will resonate for many years.

The Brand: In pursuit of perfection

In time, when you become fully acquainted with the philosophy and reasoning that drives the Augustine Approved® brand, you will realise that I am not messing around. Augustine Approved® is the real deal, with each and every ingredient and process having a specific, demonstrated purpose and benefit for your dog’s health.

What you and your dog are about to experience is the outcome of countless hours of research that I undertook, beginning in 2010, all with one ambitious goal at heart: to give my puppy, Augustine the Boxer, every opportunity to live a long and healthy life.

As I worked towards my dream people started to ask me which ready-made food available in the market would I recommend for their dogs. The simple answer was - and still is - none. While some products show more promise than others, I am yet to find a single brand of dog food that I would be content to feed Augustine. My first recommendation is to prepare fresh nutritious meals at home (using our free recipes to ensure a solid base diet), but I do appreciate that this is not always possible - hence the need for Augustine Approved® products to supplement commercial foods.

This life-changing journey has taught me to have a greater love and respect for all animals. I now strive to show people how, by reducing the consumption of animal products, they can dramatically improve their own health as well as the health of their dogs.

Our range includes the world’s most versatile canine supplement - Augustine’s SuperBoost®, Super Skin Care (human and animal label), Super Ingredients (human label), Healthy Skin Bundles, Super Packs, and Augustine’s SuperFood Starter Kits so that you can make the world’s greatest dog food at home.

Being a bit of a purist and also an advocate of the organic movement, my mission is to create high-quality products only when there is a need for them to exist - nothing more, nothing less. Augustine Approved® products sit well above super-premium dog food brands not only because they far exceed the nutritional needs of canines, nor because they have been produced with a strong focus on the prevention of illness, but because they are so healthy you can eat them too!

We are sincere in wanting to create products that focus on the health and happiness of dogs rather than profit and although a permit is not needed to make food for dogs, Augustine and I have insisted that our products be governed by human food standards.

Augustine Approved® supports a number of causes and charities listed on our website and is the host of the upcoming Animal Assistance Portal.

Augustine Approved® products will never be found in Australian stores that sell puppies. May the bridges we burn light the way.

Augustine, Faith and I are excited to share our journey with you and look forward to receiving your feedback.

- Phivo Christodoulou
Director of Augustine Approved® Pty Ltd

What is an A+ Super Dog?

Simply put, A+ Super dogs are dogs with health and vitality like no other. They go faster, play harder and recover quickly. A+ Super Dogs have nutritionally been given every opportunity to live the longest and healthiest lives possible.

Augustine is the first of a long line of A+ Super Dogs. Now, you too can provide your best friend with a chemical free super-charged diet every day.

When I decide to take the world’s greatest dog food to market, I came across knowledgeable experts which to this day I still regard highly. They all share a common belief that dogs fed a raw meat diet can life a long and healthy life. This may be true, but I am not interested in producing healthy dogs. I was excited at the possibility of raising a new generation of dogs with superior health. We have come a long way since 2010 but one thing remains constant – talk is cheap and results speak volumes.

There are dozens of contributing factors to a long and healthy life. These include:

Dental & overall hygiene
Mental stimulation

We have the base of your dog’s health covered, naturally the rest is up to you.

The A+ Symbol: A sign of supreme quality

The A+ Symbol was created to help you identify supreme health products with ease.

We ONLY promote products that have the best interests of the consumer at heart, so when you opt for the A+ symbol you can rest assured that you are all in good hands.

Before anything we produce is made available it is approved by Augustine and Faith themselves and in our eyes, there is no better endorsement.

With Augustine Approved products your dog will be eating what Augustine and Faith eat, and also what we eat, and we regard the responsibility it carries as the highest honour one could ask for in the companion animal industry.

The Original: Often imitated, never duplicated.

When we became the first company in the world to produce 100% certified organic products for dogs under human standards, I knew that it would not be long before others followed suit and I am sincerely happy to see others succeeding.

It’s encouraging to see more and more companies sprouting up that are offering human-grade, certified organic and biodynamic products. The shift back to real food and ultimately real health is in motion and we are pleased to have been there from the outset.

We believe that there is a large enough market for all to prosper while helping animals and people, and if you are reading this and considering entering the health space, we ask that you do you and be original. Please don’t be another company that uses our wording, product names, or tries to copy our formulas… Only the originals survive because without one’s own ideas, there is no genuineness or heart. Our animals and also our fellow people need all the help they can get so if you are considering getting into the health industry, do it for the right reasons.

Our Products: Made with love

Our ingredients (where applicable) are:

100% certified organic
Cruelty free
Irradiation free
Low GI
Premium human grade
Vegan friendly
Wholefoods, herbs or rock minerals

Our products do not contain:

Meat or animal by-products
Palm Oil

Our products (where applicable) are:

Certified organic by NASAA
Clearly marked with their Australian Made / Grown status
Made under and governed by human food standards... so you can enjoy them too!

MasterChops 2015: The most important canine natural-health event in Australia

On November 14th, 2015 a who’s who line-up of canine health and nutrition experts took to the stage at the Melbourne Convention & Entertainment Centre. MasterChops 2015 was without doubt the most important canine event to ever reach our shores. It left a lasting impression on the lucky attendees.

After connecting with the social media superman Rodney Habib (Canada) and “The” Dr. Karen Becker (U.S.) I knew that this event had to happen! From one video conference call it was evident that these two remarkable people were the ones to help me start a national conversation about how to improve the health of our dogs.

I owe the hundreds of people that attended (some from as far as Singapore), our sponsors, our helpers, and our local and international guest speakers a massive thank you for volunteering their time to help educate fellow dog lovers about the importance of fresh food.

How amazing it is when people who would normally be seen as competitors, come together with a common goal - to educate canine parents about health and nutrition. Thank you to Dr. Bruce Syme and Dr. Ian Billinghurst for accepting my invitation!

This was our first major event and a big learning experience. We look forward to coming back with a bigger and better show in the near future.

Charities & Causes

Apart from the nutritional interests we have for animals, Augustine Approved Pty Ltd actively supports a number of local and international animal charities both financially and through product donations. Our long-term dream is to raise funds to build Augustine’s Retreat - a last opportunity no-kill rehabilitation centre for dogs with behavioural issues that prevent them from being put up for adoption.

While most of our charity work is done outside the public eye, here are some causes that we hope you too can contribute to. Please note that we have a personal connection with these people and trust them wholeheartedly.