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What is it?

A Super Pack which includes some of our favourite canine products for joints, coat, skin and nails (click below to read about each product).

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So what DOESN'T Augustine approve?

Additives, chemicals, colourings, dairy, fillers, flavourings, grains, gluten, GMOs, irradiation, meat or animal by-products, MSG, preservatives, synthetics, salts & sweeteners.

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5 Stars

Amazing products and my dog actually loves them! I am so happy to know my dog has a safe and natural supplement to keep her healthy from the inside-out.

We are so pleased to have our Golden back!
5 Stars

Gypsy, our 10-year-old Golden Retriever had been suffering from very itchy skin. She had always been prone to hot spots but lately they had been more frequent and Gypsy started to scratch constantly. It was driving her crazy and we were vacuuming every day because she was shedding bucket loads of fur! All we ever heard at night was the persistent thumping of her legs as on the floorboards as Gypsy scratched, followed by her little whimpering cries. After two weeks of using your virgin cold-pressed coconut oil, Augustine’s SuperBoost and Augustine’s SuperBath all I can say is wow! The scratching has ceased and I am sure it's not a coincidence! It’s an amazing result and we are so pleased to have our Golden back. Our vacuum cleaner is also extremely happy to have a break! Not to mention that Gypsy’s coat is gleaming again. Thank you, thank you and thank you!!!!

My oldies love Augustine's SuperBoost
5 Stars

I have my three ageing Beagles all on Augustine's SuperBoost now and they love it. The three of them are all between the ages of 12-13 and since adding Augustine's SuperBoost to their diet they seemed to have been given a pick me up. For oldies, they have a bit more energy and seem happier. Also they love the taste and lick the bowl every time. So thanks Augustine Approved for developing such a wonderful organic supplement.

No more stinky staffy
5 Stars

We've always been complimented on how healthy our 3 year old rescue staffy Luka is and at her last vet check up the vet commented on her great condition. Despite this Luka has had some typical staffy skin issues - mainly some sore and inflamed spots on her skin (usually around her neck and under her chin). Since starting Luka on Augustine's SupeBoost and Augustine Approved Virgin Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil Luka's skin has made a definite improvement. Not only this but her stinky staffy farts have disappeared! Luka used to regularly clear our loungeroom out with her stinky farts, but I must say, I have not smelt a single one since starting her on Augustine's SuperBoost. I'm very much looking forward to seeing further improvements as we continue with your products. Thanks Phivo, Augustine, Faith and little Mishka!