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When Is It Time For Medication?

When Is It Time For Medication?

The last thing I would ever want to do is medicate my dogs. Ever. It's a last resort, and from everything I’ve witnessed over the years I am slow to accept that drugs are the answer.

Considering that over 80% of pharmaceutical drugs are based on things found in nature,
it makes sense to go straight to the original source first. The body understands and accepts natural ingredients. Synthetic drugs... not so much. You often hear people joking about how they have to take one medication to help with the side effects of another medication that helps with the side effects of another medication... and then they develop new potentially deadly conditions as a result of being medicated.

What if the majority of health conditions are not actually medical problems... what if in fact they are nutritional imbalances?

Let's say that a middle-aged man is diagnosed with Diabetes Type 2 and the doctor prescribes Metformin or Insulin and he is told he must be medicated for life. What if instead of taking the doctor's advice he consumes nothing but fresh vegetable juice for 30 days and is no longer a diabetic. Would you consider it to have been a medical problem or a nutritional imbalance?

Or lets say an animal or a person has heart arrhythmia and the physician suggests they be medicated for life. What if instead they take Mistletoe & Hawthorn root drops and two months later there is no longer evidence of heart arrhythmia. Would you consider it to have been medical problem or a nutritional imbalance?


Fortunately for dogs, for the most part they don't suffer the same emotional blocks as us humans. How many type 2 diabetics would really listen to their doctor if they were told to hit the green juice for a month? Many of us feel so down so regularly that we lack the drive to make positive changes to our lifestyle. Yes - we prefer to take dangerous drugs than replace a burger, coke and fries with fresh food.

What happened to us? Why are we disconnecting from where we came from? How did we stop thinking for ourselves and put our faith blindly into the hands of practitioners whom for the most part have a limited understanding of nutrition which is the most fundamental part of health?

People often get in touch as a last resort after their dogs are subjected to a myriad of tests and drugs. Without doubt the majority of my work is about expelling harmful toxins out of the body (from drugs) and not from the original cause that brought them to their veterinarian in the first place. Yeast infections can cause medical problems but they are not initially a medical problem. You cannot successfully treat candida overgrowth medically without serious risk of side effects (much of which won't be apparent until it is too late).

IF THE BASE DIET is not healthy, then the body will not be healthy.

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