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12 Life Changing Tips To Help Prevent Disease

12 Life Changing Tips To Help Prevent Disease

In this video I detail my base approach to reducing the risk of disease in dogs and in particular I explain my views of what cancer is and why the conventional approach is not the answer.

My focus has always been prevention but it is difficult to motivate you to make changes when most of us only act after a problem becomes noticeable. I hope that this video helps you get inside my mind so you can better understand the method to my views and encourages you to make positive changes that will enrich the lives of your dogs.

The same logic applies to other animals and people.

*Please note that after the release of this video the following changes were implemented:

  • Augustine's SuperBath was reformulated to include more ingredients that are beneficial to eliminating or reducing topical fungal and bacterial infections.
  • TMAZ Zeolite was upgraded to Dynacol Zeolite which is the newer and improved micronising technology.
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