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My dog has cancer. Will changing his diet help?

My dog has cancer. Will changing his diet help?

Over 95% of dogs that develop cancer in countries such as Australia and the U.S. do so on a solo diet of commercial dog food (including foods that are promoted by veterinarians).

The problem is that dogs, cats and humans suffering with cancer should be fed a low to no carbohydrate diet, because cancers feed on sugar.

It is my professional stance that any dog with cancer (any type of cancer), must be fed a BARF (Bones And Raw Food) diet, together with a range of supplements that support the immune system and help fight cancer. These supplements include the omega three essential fatty acids (high grade, human quality fish oil), the B complex vitamins, a source of selenium, vitamin C and vitamin D, together with crushed flaxseed and a source of cartilage.

The foods that most definitely must not be fed are sugary and starchy foods; that is, foods with a high glycemic index and a high glycemic load. It is vital to eliminate all grain-based foods. It also means leaving out what would normally be regarded as healthy foods such as honey and very sweet fruits. Most importantly, this means no commercial dog foods because starch and sugar is their principal energy source. It is imperative that the patient must be fed a diet where the principal energy source is fat and protein and not carbohydrates. The diet must be grain-free.

Cancer cells have an achilles heel; they cannot use fat for energy and better yet, a calorie restricted diet will kill cancer cells. The omega 3 essential fatty acids from cold water fish are poison to cancer. Cartilage as found attached to

raw meaty bones and shark or bovine tracheal cartilage stops the cancer from forming a blood supply and without a blood supply, the cancer cannot grow and it remains small and harmless.

None of this is new information. The world of biochemistry and molecular biology has known about this for decades. However, because this approach cannot be patented,

it is of no value to the drug companies, which largely control the cancer industry. There are enormous profits to be made from drugs; no matter that they are mostly poisons that cause suffering, yet are rarely curative; no matter that a properly formulated nutritional regime offers hope, together with a life worth living.

Many of you will be sceptical about this article however, the science behind this approach is impeccable and is available in my book, Pointing the Bone at Cancer.

Pointing The Bone At Cancer

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