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Does Your Dog's Diet Pass the F.F.I.T. Test?

Does Your Dog's Diet Pass the F.F.I.T. Test?

I'd like to share with you the test I put Augustine's commercial pet food through, back in 2010 when she was an unwell little puppy. This is the same test that started me on the never ending journey to produce the world’s greatest dog food.

We all love our dogs and it's common sense that the food we feed them can either be life enhancing or the cause of disease. Sadly, marketing companies have nothing to really do with food formulation. They have one job; to make whatever is put in front of them look impressive enough for us to buy it.

So why do we not look past the marketing hype and read the label? Why do we blindly trust endorsements from celebrities who have no idea what they are putting their name to?

Once upon a time, advertising campaigns flooded our television sets and convinced us that dry and canned foods were the best thing to feed our dogs. They still make it look so cheap and easy!

Like I always say... we keep paying a hefty price for our obedience in medical fees, and worst of all with our hearts.

I understand that we all have budget and time constraints and all our dogs deserve is for us to give them the best we can with what we have (love is still on the top of my list).

Simply, I wish to get you thinking - let's start a conversation!

If you take the F.F.I.T. and are shocked by what you find, you can either look at changing your dog's diet, or at the least add ingredients that can help counter act some of the potential damage that nasty ingredients and processing can cause.

We owe our beloved dogs a clean, anti- inflammatory and cleansing diet and the F.F.I.T. is the least we could do for them.



Find the ingredients panel on your dog’s food label. Ingredients on food labels are listed in order from the most to the least used (*there are sneaky exceptions which we don’t even need to go into for this test).

Google search each of the first five ingredients by first typing the ingredient name, and then, ‘bad for dogs’.

Repeat, but this time instead write, ‘good for dogs’.

*Not everything that comes up in your searches may be true and accurate but it is a great starting point! YOU have the ability to determine truth from fiction and make positive changes to your dog's diet that will resonate for years to come.


The saddest part is that F.F.I.T. only addresses the first five ingredients. It doesn't take into consideration the processing, quality of ingredients, the rest of the ingredients or even the poor quality synthetic supplements and toxins. If you can't get past the F.F.I.T., you really have to wonder who comes up with the stuff they label as food.

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