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Constant State Of Cleansing

Constant State Of Cleansing

Five years before Augustine came along I watched my dog Suzie have a heart attack in hospital and bleed out all over my chest. This is something that will stay with me for life. It was long before I knew anything about health.

All I remember was being angry and devastated - it was such a strange feeling driving home with a lifeless body next to me. Digging a grave in the middle of the night to bury my best friend was soul crushing.

Where did I go wrong? She didn't deserve this. Just two days prior she had her annual checkup and shots, and the vet said she was in perfect health. Next thing I knew, Suzie was stiff-legged and started falling over on to her side.

Sure, I can now look back and speculate if it had anything to do with vaccine-associated immune- mediated hemolytic anemia, or the crappy tinned food I was feeding her, the dodgy shampoos or the chemical wormers (or all of the above) and so on, but nothing is going to bring her back.

I'm writing this because all too often people contact me with dogs on their death beds. All of those families were trying to work out where they too went wrong.

Each time I try to help a person or an animal but we are too late it stays with me, so please
if you take one thing away from this article let it be this...


While many chemicals our dogs are exposed to have been tested to be 'harmless', there is a lot to be said about accumulation. I'm not a weirdo because I only let my dogs drink Saka Water - I'm awake to the fact that there are well over one hundred chemicals pouring out of my kitchen tap!

Each week I get dozens (and I mean dozens) of messages enquiring about the free SuperHeal recipe and mounting evidence suggests it can help with lumps and bumps.

I've observed that everyone wants to get rid of the lumps but not many people think about getting to the root cause of the lumps or better yet prevent them from forming.

Did you know that lumps are just symptoms and warning signs of nasty things to come?

I plead with you - you can spend money on a healthy diet and lifestyle or you can pay for
it in vet bills and heartache. It's time to wake up and stop living with quick-fix expectations. Let's get to the root of problems and focus on prevention.

Feeding raw or organic just doesn't cut it anymore - there is far too much exposure to toxins out of our control. We need herbs, we need things like high-quality zeolite. We need to adapt. Most importantly we need to be in a constant state of cleansing.

There are many ways to cleanse the body an
if you don't do it the Augustine Approved way that's totally fine but please do something! Speak to your local naturopathic vet. Research.

If “x” amount of toxins go in every day we need to do what we can to take “x” out. It’s simple math really.

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