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Rethinking The Canine Diet

Rethinking The Canine Diet

I am a strong believer that prevention is better than cure and that food can either be our greatest medicine or our slowest poison.

Once upon a time, advertising campaigns flooded our television sets and convinced us that dry and canned foods were the best thing to feed our dogs.

Sadly, we’ve been paying a hefty price for our obedience ever since - in medical fees, and worst of all with our hearts.

Many people still believe that a raw meaty bones diet is superior. Compared to processed foods it certainly is and one may even argue that such a diet can provide everything that dogs need to maintain healthy and long lives.

I am of a different opinion. You see, things have changed - we are now living in toxin- filled environments. From the air, to the herbicides, from the antibiotics we feed farmed animals, to the genetically modified ingredients, we’ve lost our way. It’s even almost impossible to source high quality meat in some places these days.

Never before in history have we loaded our dogs up with as many slow poisons as we do today. Ever. And the majority of us aren’t doing anything about it. Without realising, we are turning our dogs’ bodies into ticking time bombs - and who wants that?

For the most part the veterinarians don’t discuss the negative impacts of chemical worming products, antibiotics, routine vaccinating or the processed foods which they promote. When our dogs get sick how often do we point the finger at the chemical-laden homes we live in?

Ponder this: How many diseases, illnesses or conditions do you know of that were cured or treated with meat or processed foods? When we made the first Dog vs Lump video, we didn’t get rid of the cyst on Mishka’s tail by wrapping a steak in a bandage. We achieved results with vegan nutritional powerhouse ingredients.

Every week I receive testimonials of dogs getting off the pharmaceuticals thanks to a simple change in diet - that’s exciting! This tells us that if dogs are improving without drugs and simply with good food, then perhaps many of the problems we are trying to treat with prescription drugs are not medical but are, in fact, nutritional.

It’s time to rethink our approach to the canine diet: far beyond meat, beyond the balanced-meal myth of dry and canned processed junk. We need to talk organic, we need to talk anti-inflammatory, and most importantly we need to talk cleansing... and all of these solutions can only come from truly natural vegetable and herbal sources.

We owe our beloved dogs a clean, anti-inflammatory and cleansing diet, because their everlasting loyalty commands respect and loyalty in return.

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