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How To Best Feed Supplements To Dogs & Cats

How To Best Feed Supplements To Dogs & Cats

In my opinion, the best way to feed ANY powder supplements, is to mix them well into food using a healthy and tasty fat like raw coconut oil (virgin, cold-pressed). Remember, dogs primarily get their energy from fat.

Now, something that’s caused a lot of confusion lately is the marketing term TOPPER - A term that I believe is meant to imply that you are topping up the diet with nutrients. It has been misconstrued as meaning that you are to sprinkle powder supplements ON TOP of the food and most dogs do not wish to inhale a mound of powder.

All over social media you can view the creative lengths people go to, to showcase what’s in the bowl and there is a lot of love that goes into that. However, prior to feeding, no matter what the food, it is best to mix in the supplement very well using something like raw coconut oil which itself has many health benefits.


1. Spread the supplement well across the entire bowl - don’t just empty the spoon into one area.

2. .Mix very well into the food using raw coconut oil. You can use a spoon or food handling gloves to get a good spread. Most dogs absolutely love raw coconut oil so mixing it all well together increases the chances that the taste of coconut oil is enough to mask the taste of the supplement.

3. YES – all Augustine Approved supplements are designed to complement each other and can be mixed and fed together in the one meal ideally using raw coconut oil.

4. We recommend feeding Augustine’s SuperBoost in all meals but only to feed Faith’s Cleanse & Detox and Dynacol Zeolite in the first meal of the day.


Build up to the recommended feeding amount over 4 weeks:

Start with 1/4 of the recommended feeding amount and increase it by 1/4 every 7 days until you reach the full recommended amount.
*You can use a little extra raw coconut oil if needed during this process.

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