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Hair Analysis for people and animals

Hair Analysis for people and animals


Meet the man behind a unique and accurate testing method...

Local Melbourne legend Ross Wilson has been in the health industry for almost 35 years and is the owner of the Coburg Health & Nutrition Centre. Ross specialises in improving health through the use of herbs.

Mr. Wilson is a qualified iridologist with well over 30 years experience. He has also spent much time running salt therapy for respiratory conditions and has also been involved in the production of chakra therapy formulas.

For well over 20 years he has worked extensively in the animal health sector mainly focusing on dogs, cats and horses. This includes 25 years of Reiki as well as other forms of natural healing.

Most notably Ross is part of a small team that produced a very unique and non-invasive hair analysis test, by where much can be discovered about the body by submitting a strand of hair - this has to be experienced to be believed.


A hair analysis is a non-invasive way to learn about the condition of your animal’s health and it is carried out at Coburg Health.

To attain a hair sample for analysis, pat the subject and collect 5-6 loose hairs and place them into a snap-lock bag. Keep in a safe place.

If your animal does not shed hair, you can collect 5-6 pieces of hair with scissors.

We ask you to do this in case you would at some point in the future (or now) like to reference back to the condition of your animal before using any new products or switching diets.

For more information on hair analysis you can refer to the YouTube video titled ‘One Answer To Skin Problems’ published by Augustine Approved or contact Coburg Health on 0011 (03) 9354 8007.


Animals* $120
People $150
Children under 16 $90
*Dogs, cats, horses and some farm animals.


Att: Ross Wilson

Coburg Health Shop Shop

5/461 Sydney Road

Coburg VIC 3058


Telephone 03 9354 8007

Calling from outside Australia (dial as is): 0011 61 3 9354 8007

Each hair analysis includes a free over the phone or in-person consultation with Ross Wilson at Coburg Health, and a free retest and follow-up consultation 3-5 months later. To submit a hair sample and book an appointment please contact Coburg Health. *Please ensure you book in an appointment when you submit a hair sample so that you are not kept waiting.

Augustine Approved Pty Ltd does not handle hair analysis enquiries and does not receive financial incentives for recommending hair analysis.

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