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Dog & Cat Teeth Cleaning Without Anaesthesia

Dog & Cat Teeth Cleaning Without Anaesthesia

It has been well documented that keeping your dog or cat’s teeth cleaned has huge health befits.

Periodontal disease has been found in numerous studies to be a leading factor in the onset of Kidney disease, Heart disease, Liver disease, Diabetes, Tooth loss, Bone loss and chronic pain. Dogs and cats with periodontal disease which are left untreated typically have their life expectancy shortened by approx. one to five years.

Traditionally your dog or cat would have to go to your veterinarian and have its teeth cleaned of all plaque and tartar under general anaesthesia, involving blood work and to be placed on a drip while in recovery. This method is usually very expensive, and anaesthesia comes with potential side-effects. Note: these procedures are elective and not covered by pet insurance.

Many pet parents are reluctant to put their much loved four legged family members under anaesthesia when their teeth and gum health does not appear to be in severe strife.

Unfortunately, by the time your pet’s breath begins to smell bad, it is most likely suffering with stage 1 or stage 2 periodontal disease which is affecting it’s health.

I have found that most pet parents do not have their pet’s teeth cleaned early because of their valid concerns of the risks associated with anaesthesia, and this causes conflict because teeth cleaning is an important part of long term health. Doing nothing only makes the problem worse as periodontal disease is a degenerative disease.

Now there is another option for you to choose from that was developed in the USA over 20 years ago and available in Australia for the first time - a mobile teeth cleaning service that comes to your home, pet groomers, doggy day care centre or veterinary clinic without using anaesthesia or sedation.

After your dog or cat has had it’s teeth professionally cleaned it is important to keep up on a maintenance protocol consisting of regular brushing and raw bones (and or solid vegetables) which will aid in keeping the rear teeth clean.

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