Augustine's SuperFood - Vegan

by Phivo The Dog Health Guy

Make the world's greatest dog food at home using our free recipes! For all the details and FAQ's please visit our SuperFood Starter Kit product page.

Please view the blog entry - Our Stance On Vegan Dog Food

Puppy Ingredients

Green Lentils - 80g raw (200g boiled) Whole Broccoli - 35g

Whole Carrot - 30g

Whole Zucchini - 10g

Whole Beetroot - 15g

Peeled Sweet Potato - 30g

Raw Coconut Oil - 25g

Augustine’s SuperBoost® - 55g

Adult Ingredients

Green Lentils - 64g raw (160g boiled) Whole Broccoli - 30g

Whole Carrot - 30g

Whole Zucchini - 10g

Whole Beetroot - 15g

Peeled Sweet Potato - 85g

Raw Coconut Oil - 15g

Augustine’s SuperBoost® - 55g

Makes 400g of ready to eat food. For best results use certified organic ingredients. The Feeding Guide refers to complete and ready-to-eat food. Please read All information on the Feeding Guide page as it contains a lot of crucial information and answers to frequently asked questions.


1. Look at the Feeding Guide on our website and decide how much food you would like to make. We recommend making at least 7 days worth.

2. The sweet potato may end up being heavier or lighter after cooking so you may need to cook a little extra just in case. Peel the sweet potato before weighing it and steam until soft. If you cannot steam, then boiling is the next best thing.

3. Cooked lentils weigh approx. 2.5 times their raw weight. For example, if you would like 160g of cooked lentils use 64g raw. Soak the green lentils in warm water for at least 1 hour. Drain water and rinse in strainer until water runs clear. Add new water and boil till cooked. Empty into strainer, rinse until clear and cool. Shake well to remove any remaining water.

4. Coconut oil hardens or liquefies depending on room temperature. If it is in a solid state place the bottle into a sink with hot water until it liquefies. This causes no harm to the nutrients and you can do this as many times as necessary. There are many varieties of coconut oil but please only use raw coconut oil (virgin cold-pressed).

5. Bacteria is mainly found in dirt and affects the shelf life of food so it is important to cut the ends off vegetables. Leave the rest of the skin on. Vegetables should be weighed after they have their ends cut. Wash thoroughly in cold water.

6. Blanch the vegetables. Blanching is simply the process of dipping vegetables into boiling water (30 seconds will do) to kill remaining bacteria. This process will give the food up to 12 months of frozen life and up to 5 weeks of refrigerated life.

7. Dogs cannot digest whole vegetables. Blend the vegetables and lentils to a puree. If you cannot puree, they must be as finely blended as possible. A Vitamix is ideal and cold-pressed juicers are fantastic too (just add the pulp back into the juice).

8. Re-weigh the sweet potato and discard any excess. Put the mix into a large tub and allow a few minutes to cool if necessary.

9. Mix in the liquefied coconut oil thoroughly (use food handling gloves). Do this quickly as it may begin to harden.

10. Shake Augustine’s SuperBoost® well and mix it in, blending thoroughly. Using your hands is most effective.

11. Augustine’s SuperFood - Vegan has now been prepared.

12. Package into bags according to your desired serving size (sealable plastic lunch bags are great) and freeze.

13. Refer to our website for important information about teeth and gum health and also refer to the Feeding Guide for important serving instructions.

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