What is it?

SuperHeal is a topical salve made using three certified organic wholefood ingredients sold by most good health stores.

Some people find themselves in situations where surgery is not always possible or practical. Some patients suffer reactions to anesthesia and some are too frail for surgery or not in a financial position to cover medical expenses.

The SuperHeal recipe is provided to you free of charge for non-commercial use. The ready-made product is also available to purchase from here for your convenience.


What does it do?

We make no claims about what SuperHeal can do.


*It's important to note that lumps are NOT the problem, they are the result of a problem. It is important to recognise that there may be a deep internal problem that requires addressing. We recommend addressing such issues with a healthy diet and lifestyle.


Why is SuperHeal unlike other salves?

Salves today all contain at least one chemical. Irrespective of how safe these chemicals may be, there may be legal limitations as to who can purchase them or for how the final product can be promoted.

SuperHeal is not only safe but also healthy to consume and there are no legal restrictions attached to it. The ingredients are readily available to the everyday person without the need for permits or licenses.

SuperHeal was taken to market with the knowledge that many effective natural remedies are shot down so my intention is to ensure that:

- Anyone can make SuperHeal at home from ingredients that will never be banned.
- In the unlikely event that we close our doors, the knowledge will remain for all to continue to 


How do I make SuperHeal?

Mix these three certified organic ingredients together and bottle in a glass jar to create SuperHeal:

  • Raw Coconut Oil (virgin cold-pressed) - 1 Part
  • Turmeric Powder - 1 Part
  • Lecithin Powder - 1 Part 

*Do not make without certified organic ingredients. The efficacy of SuperHeal may vary if you make it at home using your own ingredients. If you are uncertain about the quality of your ingredients and it is an urgent matter we recommend purchasing our ready-made SuperHeal. We import the purest and highest grade ingredients we can find and I know with absolute certainty that no one else in Australia imports our grade of lecithin. You are also welcome to purchase the individual ingredients from us and make SuperHeal at home.


What else will I need?

  • Powder-free food handling gloves to avoid staining hands. For the greatest consistency the best way to mix up SuperHeal if making it at home is with your hands for at least two minutes.
  • Cotton bud to apply SuperHeal.
  • Bandage and tape, adhesive bandage or large square water proof Band-Aids from your pharmacy. Remember, you will need to reapply SuperHeal every 24 hours.
  • To avoid an animal trying to scratch the area, you may wish to purchase a plastic cone from your vet (the same kind used when a dog has been desexed).



  • Refrigerate for 5 minutes before each use. Storing SuperHeal in the fridge is fine but it may become too hard to use.
  • Keep the area covered because turmeric stains anything it comes in contact with. 
  • Apply SuperHeal daily for 7 days. Allow area to air for 24 hours. Re-apply daily for another 2-5 days or until the lump pops or falls off. Keep an eye on the wound and ensure it does not get infected.
  • Continuing to apply SuperHeal may aid in the healing of the wound and prevent infection.
  • We have had reports of SuperHeal having positive effects without bandaging but it is highly recommended that you stick to our method which has shown good results.
  • Keep refrigerated.
  • Each subject is different and results will vary.
  • The general rule is to apply SuperHeal every 24 hours for 7 days. If there is no change or you are not yet fully satisfied with the results, allow the area to air for 24 hours. Re-apply daily for another 2-5 days and if it is a lump, until the lump pops or falls off.
  • Keep an eye on the wound and ensure it does not get infected (Continuing to apply SuperHeal may aid in the normal healing of the wound).
  • We have had reports of SuperHeal having positive effects without bandaging but it is highly recommended that you stick to our method.
  • The efficacy of SuperHeal will vary depending on the quality of the ingredients you use. We import the purest and highest-grade ingredients we can find and we know with absolute certainty that no one else in Australia imports our grade of lecithin. If you are uncertain about the quality of the ingredients available to you, we recommend purchasing our ready-made SuperHeal.
  • You are also welcome to purchase the individual ingredients from us and make SuperHeal at home.


Can my dog or cat eat SuperHeal?

While Augustine's SuperBoost mixed with Raw Coconut Oil essentially makes SuperHeal (highest quality golden paste) for ingestion, you are welcome to also feed SuperHeal as an added bonus. Below is a feeding guide.

• Miniature - Small: 1/2g - 0.0176oz 

• Medium - Large: 1g - 0.0352oz 

• Giant: 2g - 0.0705oz Halve the amount for puppies. 
Also healthy for cats to feed daily

• Kitten: 1/2g - 0.0176oz
• Adult: 1g - 0.0352oz 



SuperHeal has natural properties that give it a long shelf life, but it is best to keep refrigerated to avoid separation. If it separates, liquify it by placing the jar in warm water, stir and refrigerate.



SuperHeal contains turmeric which stains everything it comes in contact with. Please keep the area well covered to avoid staining your home.



We make no claims that SuperHeal will treat or cure you or your animals in any way shape or form. We were pleased with the results and we sincerely hope you will be too.

"Never put something on your skin that you wouldn't put in your mouth." Let food be thy medicine!


© 2012 -2023 Augustine Approved. Recipe for private use only. Not for commercial production or sale without written consent.


So what DOESN'T Augustine approve?

Additives, chemicals, colourings, dairy, fillers, flavourings, grains, gluten, GMOs, irradiation, meat or animal by-products, MSG, palm oil, preservatives, synthetics, salts & sweeteners.


SuperHeal carries the following symbols:




Virgin Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil

  • Vit   Choline, E, K.
  • Min  Fe.
  • EFA  Omega 6.  MCT's.



  • Vit   B5, B9.  
  • Min  Ca, Cu, Fe, K, Mn, P,  Zn.  Fibre.



  • Vit   Choline, E, K. 
  • Min  Ca, Fe, K, P.  
  • EFA  Omega 3, Omega 6.
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Customer Reviews 5 (53 Reviews) Write a Review

Used by out Veterinarians
5 Stars

This is my go-to product to heal wounds on our native animals. Our vet team has seen the results and now use it also. A great product that I am never without.

5 Stars

Within a fortnight of applying SuperHeal the lesions lifted off leaving my skin without hardly a blemish thus avoiding the need for surgery!

The real deal
5 Stars

I use Augustine's SuperBoost, Faith's Cleanse & Detox and SuperHeal and can vouch for every single product, especially SuperHeal. My boxer had a hematoma on his ear, had the surgery and after three weeks in cone it instantly came back. I had a jar of SuperHeal and thought "meh, can't hurt" and started putting that on his ear. It went down over night! I continued to use it until I ran out, then after a few days of not using it the hematoma puffed right back up. I figured the timing might have been a coincidence but I bought another jar just to see if it was a fluke or not, sure enough, after one night of use, it basically disappeared. I was pleasantly surprised that it worked and it beat spending another $500 on surgery and another 3 weeks in a cone. Thank you for the amazing products and service. I know for a fact Phivo truly cares about our animals.

An excellent product
5 Stars

I applied SuperHeal daily to a small cyst-like growth on our German Shepherd. Within a week it had disappeared.

Would never not have this in my wildlife first aid kit
5 Stars

I use SuperHeal on injured kangaroos. From major injuries to mild skin conditions and without fail I get the best results in the quickest time possible. Sometimes within 24 hours. Being natural I don't have to worry about the kangaroos licking at it either. I mention this product to all other wildlife carers when they ask how I manage to heal injuries so quickly and so effectively. Highly recommend his product!

5 Stars

It seemed to get rid of a small cyst on my dogs paw. It's not there anymore.

5 Stars

I cannot believe how amazing this is. My 12yo Maltese Shi Tzu has a number of warts on her. After using a homeopathic treatment to kill the virus in her system, the physical warts remained on her skin. SuperHeal healed them up. The one directly under her eye couldn’t be wrapped so I just applied Superheal daily and after a few weeks it was gone. I have used SuperHeal on myself - I fell over a wooden box and banged both my shins. I was in huge amounts of pain and couldn’t sleep, so I put SuperHeal on both bruises lumps on my shins and the next morning the pain and marks were gone I didn’t even bruise. My nasal cavity has troubled me for years and recently became so bad that I would get headaches, my eyes were permanently swollen and my nose was filled with dried blood and sores. Using SuperHeal, I put it inside both nostrils every night and for the first time in YEARS my nose has started to actually heal, the pain is almost gone and the swelling around my eyes and face went down completely! This product is now my go to for everything. I will never be without it and I now take it on outdoor adventures as well. Both my pooches love all of the Augustine Approved products and when I started them on the products their energy increased, their appetites became more balanced and their health overall improved in leaps and bounds. Thank you so much for everything you have done for my two fur girls and for me. I am forever grateful.

Working as described
5 Stars

We have seen a significant decrease in the size of a small lump that was starting to grow once again on our 14 year old Bichon. The first time it became so inflamed and problematic that it had to be surgically removed. This time, after using SuperHeal for 7 days, it has shrunk down almost to the point of becoming flat. This is definitely an accomplishment because our guy is very susceptible to growths, and with SuperHeal working so well we will definitely not have to pursue surgery again. Given Tommy's age, this is an enormous win. Definitely recommend trying this product!

5 Stars

My dog developed a cyst on her tail which grew to 3cms over a period of 5 years as a vet monitored it. He then said it needed surgery and it would be difficult to rejoin the skin which put her tail at risk. With support of a holistic vet I turned to SuperHeal. It took 9 weeks to completely heal and disappear. It burst after 10 days and continued to discharge for many weeks. I continued to bathe the area, reapply SuperHeal and dress it daily. The results are absolutely unbelievable!!! I cannot thank you enough.

fantastic product, highly recommended
5 Stars

We have a white Swiss Shepherd who had a cyst on his back the size of a golf ball (if not a little bigger) and we had been introduced to SuperHeal a by a friend. After applying every day his cyst is basically all gone just a little dried skin which the coconut will help improve. Highly recommended to save $$$ at your vet and no pain!!!!