The Brand 2


In pursuit of perfection

In time, when you become fully acquainted with the philosophy and reasoning that drives the Augustine Approved brand, you will realise that I am not messing around. Augustine Approved is the real deal, with each and every ingredient and process having a specific, demonstrated purpose and benefit for your dog’s health.

What you and your dog are about to experience is the outcome of countless hours of research that I undertook, beginning in 2010, all with one ambitious goal at heart: to give my puppy, Augustine the Boxer, every opportunity to live a long and healthy life.

As I worked towards my dream people started to ask me which ready-made food available in the market would I recommend for their dogs. The simple answer was - and still is - none. While some products show more promise than others I am yet to find a single brand of dog food that I would be content to feed Augustine. My first recommendation is to prepare fresh nutritious meals at home (using our free recipes to ensure a solid base diet), but I do appreciate that this is not always possible - hence the need for Augustine Approved products to supplement commercial foods.

This life-changing journey has taught me to have a greater love and respect for all animals. I now strive to show people how, by reducing the consumption of animal products, they can dramatically improve their own health as well as the health of their dogs.

Our range includes the world’s most versatile canine supplement - Augustine’s SuperBoost, Super Skin Care (human and animal label), Super Ingredients (human label), Healthy Skin Bundles, Super Packs, and Augustine’s SuperFood Starter Kits so that you can make the world’s greatest dog food at home.

Being a bit of a purist and also an advocate of the organic movement, my mission is to create high-quality products only when there is a need for them to exist - nothing more, nothing less. Augustine Approved products sit well above super-premium dog food brands not only because they far exceed the nutritional needs of canines, nor because they have been produced with a strong focus on the prevention of illness, but because they are so healthy you can eat them too!

We are sincere in wanting to create products that focus on the health and happiness of dogs rather than profit and although a permit is not needed to make food for dogs, Augustine and I have insisted that our products be governed by human food standards.

Augustine Approved supports a number of causes and charities and we do not always advertise this. Augustine Approved products will never be found in Australian stores that sell puppies. May the bridges we burn light the way.

Augustine, Faith and I are excited to share our journey with you and look forward to receiving your feedback.


- Phivo Christodoulou

Director of Augustine Approved Pty Ltd